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Critical Measurement Assessment

Qualitative Evaluation
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Our focused assessment tool has been validated by international research leaders in safety, culture, and burnout, and has been utilized in grant-funded studies by over 50,000 healthcare workers in the United States and the United Kingdom. It quickly quantifies burnout (emotional exhaustion), the ability for clinicians and leaders to bounce back from stress (emotional recovery) and whether they are doing their best work (emotional thriving). It also captures key elements of team and organizational climate that impact culture, retention, productivity, and safety.

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System Overview

The Clinical Measurement Assessment addresses challenges, as well as building blocks for excellence and allows for rapid, tailored identification of highly specific, targeted interventions scientifically shown to reduce burnout, enhance resilience, and promote better work. It is the only validated tool that measures thriving (rather than deficits in well-being). In addition, IHE can perform an in-depth, onsite evaluation in order to gain a rich and deep understanding of more complex cultural challenges and opportunities. This onsite evaluation allows us to augment the data from our assessment tool with a robust summary correlating qualitative findings with available organizational metrics, including patient experience, employee engagement, turnover, measures of clinical quality, and other measures of organizational performance.


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Key Outcomes

The ability to quantify common facets of team climate associated with effective teamwork, collaboration, creative problem-solving, psychological safety, retention/turnover, and morale. A concrete measurement of existing levels of burnout, the capacity of workforce members to recover from stress and how many members of the workforce are routinely doing their best work. The means to identify behaviors and skills that will reliably enhance teamwork, respect, thriving, and excellent performance.
Capture extensive qualitative information about culture, well-being, burnout, leadership, organizational pain points, and organizational opportunities.
Correlate qualitative data with organizational metrics including patient experience, employee engagement, turnover, measures of clinical quality, and other measure of organizational performance.
“Our team has been transformed. This program is like no other. Truly a gift for our organization to gain the skills necessary to connect to our families.”
Dr. Adam Breslow
President, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group
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“What I’m most proud about is the consistency of our performance. I feel a profound sense of pride for our team—our frontline staff, our quality leaders, our board—the entire organization. Improving is very hard work; maintaining improvement is even harder.”
Ronald Paulus, MD
Former CEO
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“Our satisfaction scores were flat. We were trying initiatives here, there and everywhere, but we weren’t seeing sustained improvement, until we found the Institute for Healthcare Excellence.”
Director of Service Excellence, Beaumont, Troy
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What is the staff time commitment?
Who facilitates the sessions?
What type of CME credits apply?
Who should attend the sessions?
When can we start?


What is the staff time commitment?
Who facilitates the sessions?
What is the staff time commitment?

What is the staff time commitment?

We do a full survey of all the staff, complete an in-person assessment over two to three days, in-person interviews (1/1 and small group) as well as observation of work flows.

Who facilitates the session?

Assessment and evaluation sessions are facilitated by an IHE expert, as is data analysis.

Who should attend the sessions?

The Clinical Measurement Assessment can be conducted for a practice, clinic, hospital unit, department, or healthcare organization of any size, and is validated for all members of the healthcare workforce.

What type of CE credits apply?
Who should attend the sessions?
What can we start?

How is data from this assessment and the onsite evaluation reported?

IHE gathers site data on key metrics and carefully analyzes it. All data and findings are reported back to senior leaders.

When can we start?

You can talk to one of our systems experts today.

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