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The experience to change cultures

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence implements evidence-based systems that instill a state of thriving in physicians, nurses, and caregiver teams—allowing quality, safety, efficiency, and joy to flourish. The result is improved patient experiences, better clinical outcomes and increased retention and recruitment. Our work nurtures trust, respect, compassion, and teamwork—transforming cultures and renewing a passion for the practice of medicine.
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IHE Gold Seal

Certification from the Institute for Healthcare Excellence

IHE gold seal
Certification encompasses Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs) and represents a high achievement in creating and sustaining a culture of well-being that translates into excellence. 
Elevating performance & culture
“Our team has been transformed. This program is like no other. Truly a gift for our organization to gain the skills necessary to connect to our families.”
Dr. Adam Breslow
President, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group
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“What I’m most proud about is the consistency of our performance. I feel a profound sense of pride for our team—our frontline staff, our quality leaders, our board—the entire organization. Improving is very hard work; maintaining improvement is even harder.”
Ronald Paulus, MD
Former CEO
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“Our satisfaction scores were flat. We were trying initiatives here, there and everywhere, but we weren’t seeing sustained improvement, until we found the Institute for Healthcare Excellence.”
Director of Service Excellence, Beaumont, Troy
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IHE Solutions for Well-Being and Performance

We create breakthroughs that engage physicians and teams in a self-sustaining culture of trust, integrity and respect that forges systematic change.
Improving Staff Retention Seal

Improved Staff Retention

Improved patient experience seal

Improved Patient Experience

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Improved Employee Engagement

“We believe the best medicine a patient or colleague can experience is the ability to feel valued and understood.”

William Maples, MD
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