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IHE Elevates

A values-based approach elevating sustainable performance, that places a strong emphasis on human dignity, for businesses and institutions.
Introducing IHE Elevates

IHE Elevates

Unlocking Team
Well-Being, Performance
and Growth

IHE Elevates is committed to nurturing cultures of care and excellence, enabling both individuals and organizations to thrive.

Building on the Institute for Healthcare Excellence's legacy of transforming toxic medical environments into compassionate, collaborative care systems, IHE Elevates collaborates with various businesses and institutions. The goal is to elevate sustainable performance through a values-based approach that places astrong emphasis on human dignity.

Transforming teams.
Restoring passion.
Driving sustainable performance.

Our solutions cultivate trust, community, and passion by enhancing communication and relationships from the top-down and bottom-up.

We believe that before goals are met, positive connections must be made. Targeted skill-training, regular feedback mechanisms and a customized approach tuned to each client's distinct needs change not just habits, but hearts and minds. With care and trust as the bedrock, we elevate workplace cultures to unlock potential in people and systems previously hindered by toxicity, frustration and isolation.

IHE Elevates stands alongside those pursuing well-balanced achievement through understanding, compassion and collective purpose.

"It turns out that emotional experience at work is one of the most powerful drivers of performance. It's also the key to engagement from people doing the work, and it may have a bigger impact on organizational performance than technical skills, training, a top-notch strategic plan, tightly cascaded goals, or recruiting the best talent."

P A T R I C K  K N E E L A N D,  M. D.
Senior Physician Advisor

Solutions for Transformation

Effective understanding among people is the primary vehicle through which high performance occurs—be it providing patient care in hospitals, managing manufacturing processes on shop floors, or overseeing the development of lines of code within agile technology teams. By equipping leaders, frontline employees and everyone in between with frameworks to openly relate, cultures become more cohesive, resilient and adaptive in the face of today's complex challenges.

IHE Elevates' core interactive transformation system provides participants across organizations with skills necessary to enhance trust, teamwork, and communication. By focusing on the fundamentals of human connection, we seed the starting point for outstanding culures and fulfilling work experiences.

A Proven Approach

By putting people first, we enable organizations and leaders to create working environments where people can grow and make meaningful contributions. The result is a thriving culture where people are connected, engaged, and committed for the long-term.

Elevating Team and
Client Connection

Courses designed to improve workplace interactions, enhancing mutual understanding, respect and trust between team members and other stakholders.

Elevating Teams for
Optimal Performance

Emphasize the importance of collaboration through tangible skill development where each person feels their role is valued and contributes to the shared mission.

Elevating Feed
Forward Systems

Establish regular check-ins and feedback loops so that everyone has a voice and feels heard.

Elevating Leadership

Enhancing leadership strengths and effectiveness through self-awareness, energy management, and practices that build trust and motivate others to show up as their best.

We enhance human connection and
create a culture of excellence in order
to elevate performance.

Delivering quantifiable

Our clinically-informed methodology leads to positive, holistic and sustainable impacts across a diverse set of industries and institutions seeking purpose, integrity and high achievement through compassion.


  • Increased trust, openness and transparency
  • Improved collaboration, communication and connection between teams
  • More inclusive decision-making processes
  • Shared sense of purpose and values alignment
"We can't become what we want by remaining what we are."

J E N N I F E R  K R I P P N E R
IHE Chief Experience Officer

Boosted Employee

  • Higher job satisfaction and engagement scores
  • Reduced turnover and improved retention
  • Decreased instances of burnout across the organization
  • Renewed passion, creativity and purpose among staff

Tangible Performance

  • Improved productivity and goal achievement
  • Increased innovation and decreased costs
  • Higher quality outputs and customer satisfaction
  • Faster adaptation to change and disruption


  • Positive ROI based on retention, recruitment savings
  • Reduced errors, risk and healthcare costs
  • Outperforming peer organizations in KPIs
  • Predictable value delivered for investments

Advanced Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion

  • Traditionally marginalized groups feel welcomed and valued
  • Decision-making and leadership reflective of broad constituencies

IHE Elevates is led by physicians, clinicians and healthcare leaders deeply invested in human potential

Our team leverages decades of rigorous clinical training targeted at understanding and elevating the human condition holistically—physically, mentally, emotionally. From clinical laboratories to operating rooms to boardrooms, we've navigated the entire spectrum, addressing toxic environments, rejuvenating teams in decline, and assisting high-functioning teams seeking advancement—all to create environments conducive to thriving.

Jennifer Krippner
Chief Experience Officer
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