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Our Purpose

Humanizing Medicine

“Healthcare is experiencing one of the largest and most rapid changes we’ve witnessed in the past 50 years, which produces both opportunity and great stress on the people and the systems striving to provide healing to human beings.”

Read Pierce, MD
IHE Faculty
Background Image: Nurse curled up on floor, obviously distressed.
We have asked clinicians to perform and work harder with less. To magically show compassion at every turn while cutting costs. To be more efficient, see more patients, and adapt to new technology.

It has created a national epidemic of burnout, fatigue and dehumanization in medicine that leaders, clinicians, departments, and institutions find themselves ill-equipped to address.

“So often we ask our physicians and caregivers to perform at expected levels—seldom giving them the tools to meet those expectations. It is essential to our success that we give them a common framework and language to help them make connections that can improve the experience of patients and families.”

IHE Chief Experience Officer
Background Image: Distressed doctor (black & white)
We have a moral and ethical imperative to address clinician burnout and the immense implications it has on quality, safety, patient experience and outcomes. To instill human connection, passion and joy into today’s medicine.

Long-lasting change will be the result of the effort put forth by organizational leadership to acknowledge the need for cultural transformation.

“How we invest in, develop, and support people—the largest asset we have in the healing professions—is the vital question in determining whether our future will be a better one.”

IHE Faculty

We invite you to explore our systems for instilling purpose, joy and humanity into the practice of today’s medicine.