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About IHE

“Our process and curriculum is led by physicians, nurturing the best individual and cultural outcomes, that make a lasting impact.”

IHE Faculty
The Institute for Healthcare Excellence partners with healthcare organizations to provide tailored curricula and programs designed to build relational skills that nurture trust, respect, compassion, and teamwork. Through our work, cultures are transformed and a passion for the practice of medicine is renewed. Physicians, nurses, and caregiver teams are returned to a state of thriving and peak performance. An environment of quality, safety, and efficiency is able to flourish. The result is a return to humanity in medicine for providers and patients.

Our approach

Our approach begins with the recognition that before the science of medicine can heal, trust, integrity and respect must be present. It is supported by systems that bring personal well-being and human connection into focus. These are the fundamentals that lead to high value care, better clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and thriving providers.
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“The formation of the Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) was driven by a recognized need to embrace a new way of thinking—including a measurement system to provide insights around domains of human thriving, and matching solutions that would enable leaders, teams, and individuals to restore human connections and joy to healthcare.”

William Maples, M.D.
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Our Expert Physician-Led Faculty and Leadership

IHE is led by experts and physician leaders who are deeply invested in the future of today’s medicine and the lives of those who practice it. Our collective experience enables us to implement systems that create the safe environments needed for the development of personal and professional well-being and growth in those who care for others—and aspire to continue caring with excellence.
IHE Leadership & Faculty
“Our team has been transformed. This program is like no other. Truly a gift for our organization to gain the skills necessary to connect to our families.”
Dr. Adam Breslow
President, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group
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“What I’m most proud about is the consistency of our performance. I feel a profound sense of pride for our team—our frontline staff, our quality leaders, our board—the entire organization. Improving is very hard work; maintaining improvement is even harder.”
Ronald Paulus, MD
Former CEO
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“Our satisfaction scores were flat. We were trying initiatives here, there and everywhere, but we weren’t seeing sustained improvement, until we found the Institute for Healthcare Excellence.”
Director of Service Excellence, Beaumont, Troy
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