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Podcast Episodes

IHE Featured Podcast Episodes

  • IHE's Chief Experience Officer, Jennifer Krippner, joins the "Becker's Healthcare Podcast." Listen along as Jennifer discusses her career journey and how that led to IHE—along with IHE's 2023 goals and more.
  • Jennifer Krippner joins "Talk To Your Pharmacist" host, Hillary Blackburn, to discuss her passion for bringing humanity back to healthcare and transforming healthcare organizations through IHE's various services.
  • Jennifer appears on the "Compassion & Courage: Conversations in Healthcare" podcast, alongside host Marcus Engel. Jennifer dives deep into how a personal life experience ignited her desire to give back to healthcare, and what healthcare leaders/organizations can learn from IHE's services.
  • The "HealthCare UnTold" podcast focuses on leadership practices and services that improve the healthcare experience for vulnerable communities. Jennifer joins the discussion to describe how IHE solutions can improve the quality of service and positively transform work cultures throughout healthcare organizations.
  • The Doc Lounge Podcast host, Stacey Doyle, invites Jennifer onto the show for the "Ask the Expert" series. In this episode, Jennifer shares how incorporating practical techniques allows healthcare providers and systems to rediscover joy and purpose in their practice.
  • Jennifer joins "Speaking to Influence" host, Dr. Laura Sicola, to share tips and techniques that instill a state of thriving for physicians, nurses and caregiver teams. Among her recommendations, Jennifer discusses the importance of being present and attentive in conversations with all team members, regardless of their position.
  • The RecogNATION Podcast is a place for leaders to learn more about employee engagement, appreciation, recognition, and other best practices. Jennifer discusses the positive emotions that come with creating an amazing employee and patient experience in healthcare, and the true importance of relationships.
  • The Central Line: Leadership in Healthcare podcast, hosted by Leah Wuitschik, brings healthcare leaders together to discuss their career journeys and what it takes to thrive in their roles. Jennifer joins the podcast to share how you can reconnect with your "why" through fostering a culture of positivity and well-being in healthcare organizations.
  • The Build A Vibrant Culture Podcast with Nicole Greer featured Jennifer on the show to discuss how to practice being present, the importance of listening to your team and how to move from burnout to thriving.
  • We often focus on what is going wrong in an organization versus what is going right. Jennifer joins the Outside the Patient's Door podcast to cover how shifting our perspective to focus on the positive can lead to a beneficial experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Jennifer joins the Engaging Internal Comms podcast with host Craig Smith to discuss tips for tackling organizational burnout such as reconnecting to purpose, prioritizing relationships and more.
  • The Health Innovators podcast welcomes Jennifer to the show. A valuable conversation took place surrounding the positive impact that innovative leadership and compassionate care can have on changing patient care.
  • The Healthcare Crossroads podcast featured Jennifer to share her insights on how to build and maintain relationships that benefit the healthcare organization as a whole.
  • Jennifer joins the Authentic Change podcast with host Mike Horne to discuss the potential challenges that arise in a leadership role. Listen in as they cover the importance of utilizing mindfulness, presence, reflective listening and other essential skills daily to positively impact both leaders, teams and patients.
  • Leaders, what can happen when you unleash the power of empathy, presence, and vulnerability? Tune in! Jennifer Krippner will reveal how these seemingly counterintuitive qualities can transform your leadership, culture, and teams.

Key Take-Aways

Moving Beyond Burnout to Rebuild Team Performance in Healthcare

Focused Communication Skills Transformed Hospital Culture

Turning the Lever Down on Burnout and Turning Up Resilience, Well-Being and Joy (Part 3)

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